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"Pasta" by Olegue from Burundi | African Rap Music Videos

Olegue - Pasta (Official Video)

Posted on 6 April, 2021 on the OLEGUE Music Channel

via OLEGUE on YouTube:

Iyi ndirimbo uko muyibona ndaziko benshi mutayitahura ubutumwa burimwo. Soma Ivyahishuriwe Yohana 22 : 12 Comme vous venez de le voir sur cette belle video, beaucoup de gens ne comprend pas le message transmis a travers la chanson . Lire Apocalypse 22:12 As you just saw in this beautiful video, a lot of people don't understand the message conveyed through the song. Read Revelation 22:12 Como acaba de ver en este hermoso video, mucha gente no entiende el mensaje que se transmite a través de la canción. Leer Apocalipsis 22:12 Abonne toi Song: PASTA Artist: Olegue Audio Producer: X-Fecta x iBreezy x John Jayne Video Director: The Cherif Pro Video Production : BGECO STUDIO Instagram #Olegue​ #PASTA

Watch the Full Video for "Pasta" by Olegue on YouTube

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