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"DRIP DRIP" by Folidjanta from Togo

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Folidjanta - DRIP DRIP Feat. Beatpopovelo, Conii Gangster, Lomerica Gang (Lil Kopp & J.Pharelle)

Posted on 17 December, 2021 on the Folidjanta YouTube Channel

via Folidjanta on YouTube:

DRIP DRIP, Premier extrait du second album du Duo "Folidjanta & Beatpopovelo" en collaboration avec Conii Gangster et Lomerica Gang (Lil Kopp & J.Pharelle) Prod. by Beatpopovelo Directed by Wilfried Sehonou ---------- #Folidjanta​ #DRIPDRIP​ Djanta Squad, Banditerie Rercords; Copyright © Décembre 2021

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More Information on Folidjanta Coming Soon! Check Back for Updates


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