"Msh Khalsa" by Wegz from Egypt and El Grande Toto from Morocco

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Wegz X ElGrandeToto - Msh Khalsa (Official Music Video) | ويجز و الجراند طوطو - مش خالصه

Posted on 23 December, 2021 on the Wegz ويجز YouTube Channel

via Wegz ويجز on YouTube:

#Wegz & #ElGrandeToto - Msh Khalsa (Official Music Video) Written & Performed by: Wegz & EGT Music Production: Yo Asel Mixed and mastered by: Nader Soliman Graphics & Artwork: Sidy Director : ANAS BERIANE Film Crew: 1ST AD : Khalid errahali DP : Anas BERIANE 1st AC : Zakaria Attaoui 2nd AC : Mohssine bassit Gaffer : Zakaria eddahri Best boy : Aziz sabri Swing & electricity : Younes elbaz Decor : Hamza elbacha Post Production : NO SHAME Editors : Anas BERIANE - ARABY Color Grading: Luke linssen (Coloriage_studio) - Aly Baghdady Graphique design : Zakaria harmouch BTS: AMINI Photographe : JINANE ENNASRI Line producer : ESSEDDIK EL MESSAOUDI Executive Producer : Ahmed Raafat Location manager : Abdo Hamdoussi Project Managers: Assem Tag - Zeyad El-Sayed Stylist Wegz : Green Beetle Stylist EGT : Ella Tysone EGT Artist Manager : Soufiane FAHSSI - Anissa Wegz Artist Manager: ASSEM TAG Wegz's Team: OMAR MAHER - AHMED ABDELRASOL Communication Manager : Ahmed Assem DEEZER’S TEAM: MARK ABOU JAOUDE AHMED KAMAL - YASSIN TABOUKTIRT - AYOUB SEGHIR Cast director : Ismail Naciri Cast : Hichame lemkhanter Yassine Fdile Younes Oulghazi Soufiane mouhibbi bouarfa Nizar BAHAR Belmokhtaria ziad ismail chamaoudel Issam Ousalem Nouamane GHRIS Youness Zitouni FAICAL EL KAHLAOUI

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Wegz, born Ahmed Ali, is a famous rapper from Al Wardian, Egypt. He is known for his popular songs “B3oda Ya Belady,” “Amira,” and “ElBakht.” More Information on Wegz Coming Soon! Check Back for Updates

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